What pain relief options does a recovering addict have?

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As a regular feature of CNNhealth.com, our team of expert doctors will answer readers questions. Heres a question for Dr. Gupta: From Jolene: I have a friend who needs to have his wisdom teeth pulled and will need pain medication. The problem is, he is a recovering addict. Any suggestions? Answer: Jolene, first of all, congratulations to your friend for making it to and staying in recovery. More than 23 million Americans struggle with substance abuse problems every day, accord

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The Hunt for Lemon Cucumbers

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Generation X-Ray: Child victims of Technologicalabuse

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ProLibertyFrom the May 2008 Idaho Observer: Generation X-RayChild victims of Technological abuse Science from the 40s to present has demonstrated conclusively the harmful effects of microwave radiationthe platform upon which the entire wireless universecell phones, text messaging, WiFi, WiMax and RFIDis built. Yet the wireless network is expanding, with the approval of government as fast as it can. With virtually zero regulatory oversight, the nation and all the people, plants and animals

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